Support and Education Group

Compassion For Pets is sponsoring an on-going drop-in caregiver support group facilitated by Laurie Norris, LCSW, a professional Veterinary Hospice Social Worker and End of Life Grief Counselor. The group will serve as an opportunity for pet owners/caregivers whose pets are seriously or terminally ill to share their pet-illness-related experiences with others in the Chicago area with similar concerns.

The program’s goal is to preserve and reinforce doggypet owners/caregivers’ love for their animals as a positive force in their lives when their beloved animals are seriously or terminally ill.

Support groups educate, inform, and provide a safe, supportive community that is both validating and therapeutic. Participation is open to any pet owner whose pet is seriously or terminally ill.

For more information, please contact Laurie at:


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